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TwoPenny Publications was formed in 2004 as the publishing entity for the works of Sam Penny, and for any other budding authors that the Penny's may find and who seem deserving.

Sam's first novel, Memphis 7.9, was originally published October, 2003 by Booksurge, LLC, and assigned one of their IBSNs, the number used in the book industry to uniquely identify each published work. It wasn't until the following year that the Penny's found that the "owner" of the ISBN was the only one who could really work the book industry channels. The doors to the major bookstores and distribution networks were closed.

In the meantime, Sam and Alice had devoted much time, effort, and some money to the marketing of Sam's books. This all looked to be for naught when the industry always turned to Booksurge, and that company was not devoted to Sam's book, but focused on being a profitable company serving many beginning authors with POD services.

After studying the industry, including attendance mid-year at the Publisher's Marketing Association Univeristy in Chicago in conjunction with Book Expo America, the Penny's developed a new business and marketing strategy. That included the establishment of their own imprint and a serious entry into the business of the book industry.

TwoPenny Publications now has its own set of ISBNs, and both novels are being now printed with those identifications. The books are being edited and formatted professionally with proper formats and identification. We have contracted with a qualified offset printing firm and an order fulfillment houses to handle the logistics of the process. The intent is to be a success, both literally and financially.

The TwoPenny logo is the rubbing of a United States Two Cent piece, minted in 1847, that Sam did in 1986 when we established the TwoPenny Fine Art Galleries in Sacramento, California. Though those galleries have gone defunct, we still carry the logo file with us, and at times like this, bring it out and dust it off for another go at being entrepreneurs.

We live in retirement unbeholden to anyone or any real property, but the blood of business still runs in our veins. It is fun to be creative and to try to make a difference in this world. Two more books are in the works. Maybe someday we will produce a movie, or at least publish a script.

Our journey through life begins anew each morning, and we will do as much and go as far as we can.

Sam and Alice Penny
TwoPenny Publications

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