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My Quest: enjoy the writing experience while telling
the folks of the United States of a grave danger

Writing in the RV

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My name is Sam Penny. I was born in Oklahoma, went to school at OU and then to the University of Illinois for my Masters in Physics. I moved with my family to California in 1960. I am now retired. Writing and traveling are my avocations.

My wife and I live full-time in our Recreational Vehicle, a fifth-wheel trailer pulled by a Dodge truck, following the best weather from place to place throughout the North American Continent. It gives us a chance to meet the wonderful people of this country and to research interesting ideas for writing.

Prior to retirement, I spent my working life around the San Francisco Bay Area, beginning at the University of California Lawrence Radiation Laboratory in Berkeley working for Nobel laureate Dr. Luis Alvarez.

In 1970 I joined with three partners to form a startup software and electronics company, a fairly novel idea at the time. Though we have all since left, I am proud to say that the company we started still remains. I worked as a physicist, a computer software designer, an engineer, a computer scientist, a geophysicist, an entrepreneur, and a corporate executive. Over that time I authored a number of technical and trade articles.

Today I write occasional magazine articles on life in an RV, but my passion is writing larger contemporary fiction focusing on disaster scenarios, what some people consider old-style science fiction, something involving big science. A major earthquake along the New Madrid was an easy choice. The reawakening of the Yellowstone caldera bears investigation as a future project. A flip in the great ocean currents to produce a new glacial period would also be entertaining (then they produced the movie Day After Tomorrow).

My entrepreneurial spirit steered me into self-publishing Memphis 7.9, and the new Print-On-Demand technology offered the means. Besides, at my age. I had this feeling that time is running out, both for me and for the people in the central United States. I was unwilling to wait three years for the publishing industry to make up their minds and plod along with my book.

So today, our lifestyle and avocations keep my wife and me very busy and fully occupied. We drive around the country on a continual book tour. I do radio interviews and write and work on this website when I have time. We sample the latest in technology, while keeping our base of operations ready to move out of danger. We are survivalists.

If you travel, too, or happen to be in the path of one of our itineraries, maybe we will see you down the road someday.

Sam Penny

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