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This is where I will point to the latest New Stuff in this website. It may be something I just published, or something else on the Internet of interest.

March 11: I uploaded Chapter 3: What is the History of the New Madrid Fault? of my non-fiction book on The 7.9 Scenario, Analysis and Writing. If you already have the key, Click Here to go read the latest uploads. Otherwise, you can go purchase a key.

February 14: I published a news article: That Arkansas Earthquake: Don't Worry, Right? where I pointed out that once again the New Madrid Fault has given a warning that it is still alive, and the USA is still lagging in response.

February 1: Interview scheduled announced in PR: Sam Penny To Be Interviewed on
KUBC Radio, Montrose, CO on 2/23

January 23: I uploaded my newly formatted webpages for www.the79scenario.com. This is announced in a press release: New Image for The 7.9 Scenario

January 17: I published a news article: Lessons From The Tsunami, Is the USA Missing Out? In this piece I point out that the earthquake and tsunami in southeast Asia were just as "unexpected" as a giant earthquake on the New Madrid. Are we going to ignore the warnings like they did?

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