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The Phoenix
of Memphis

Book 3 of The 7.9 Scenario

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Cover for Memphis 7.9In Memphis 7.9 Chris Nelson predicted the earthquake, but would not have been heard had he told of what he knew. The gaint earthquake struck, followed by awesome aftershocks, and destroyed the city and injured much of the central United States.

In Broken River Captain BuddyJoe Simpson rescued over 2,000 crew, passengers, and refugees on the broken Mississippi River, fighting his way through floods, past crevasses, and around fallen bluffs in a land torn by anarchy and piracy. He brings his charges to Memphis, and realizes they were better off on the river.

The story next moves into recovery. How can the mythical Phoenix Bird rise from the ashes of Memphis?

Chris, BuddyJoe, and others from the first two books step to the front in the Herculean task. Those responsible for the safety of the city join with them. Some of the planning and preparation done in Shelby County makes a big difference, but in other areas, the preparation is sadly lacking.

Little help appears in the city, for many of the expected rescurers are consumed in crying for help themselves. Chaos and anarchy build in the city, and a mass exodus drains away many of those who could help, leaving those who are left with poorer and poorer odds for survival.

Chris finds himself the object of envy, for the people find he has predicted the earthquake. Some try to force the information from him for their own profit.

The city lapses into an outright battle of good versus evil, and old adversaries rise from the ashes and fight for control of what little remains. Civilization is at stake.

The novel The Phoenix of Memphis tells what happens to the city of Memphis and the eastern United States, as the city tries to recover from the devastation that has occurred when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake strikes the New Madrid Fault.

The book is scheduled for publication in the fall of 2006.

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